Utilising over 14 years experience, specialising in finance and entertainment with large industry companies to the small business round the corner. Already having great results on highly competitive terms why not look to see what we can do for you.

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Getting the most out of your campaign so you ad budget lasts, we have worked on it all from very small campaigns to large campaigns with substantial budgets. Using best practices we can make sure you get the best from your campaign.

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From the ground up making sure your site is design to be SEO friendly from the start and optimised for conversion. Digital Mountain gets your products and services to the right customers with the right message and the right look on-time and on-budget.

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Google Penalty Reversal

Have you been the victim of a Google penalty?

  • Rankings drop to below page 5?
  • Enquiries dried up?
  • Dont show up under your company name?

We have dealt with it, using analysis to find your toxic links to remove and look so see if the site is recoverable or find you an alternative route.

Paid Ads (Google, Bing?)

Do you think that just adding ads up with make enquires? Unfortunately not that simple we make sure you have the right set up.

  • Extensive Keyword research.
  • Ad text designed to convert.
  • Landing page being set up right or simply making a good landing page.
  • correct tracking in place.

This is just the basics, doing this properly makes sure it works and gets the conversions!

Professional Design Management

Ever wondered why the competition gets loads of enquiries and yours gets the odd one? We make sure that your site is user friendly from day one.

  • Getting the right look and feel to the site
  • Designed aimed at the customer journey and conversion
  • Web Design done to web standards so Google can read your site properly and your strongest pages display for the right keywords.


Now this is a very large subject, the nutshell version is the majority of companies at one stage or another have had SEO work done by a company that offers set SEO packages, especially those with a lists of 1000s of directory submissions, endless amounts of social bookmarks and articles on boring subjects coming out of their ears being submitted to sites that no-one has ever heard of.

This is the shocking bit.... this type of SEO does not work! There is no point, you get banned. We have seen lots sites performing in highly competitive areas with saturated keywords, with only a handful of links and the anchor text is click here? this is ethical SEO, another shocking truth, it works. Reversing these penalties can in some cases be a long process however there are always alternatives, each case is different but the initial analysis always tells you what to expect and how long.


Social Media is the tool that lets you get the company message out, utilising channels like Facebook, Twitter, Four Square, Google+ and LinkedIn etc. It is an online communication method allowing people to share opinions, views, photos, videos, reviews and other information through public websites.

This now gives your customers the ability to ask questions, see reviews, best offers without even visiting your site. Facebook like gives the user the confidence to see you have something of value to say. In Short this now gives credibility and confidence in your company with this managed you can make sure you post everyday, showing the right products, commenting on latest topics and replying to questions quickly.

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Todays Quote:: Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works.
::Steve Jobs::